What Its Made Of

It's been hours upon years it seems as I stare into the stars. Grasping at pieces of heaven that loom over head. The questions to answers floating clearly as to tease they are untouchable, unreachable.

Like ghosts haunting me as my eyes scream I can see them. So many answers to not enough questions. AG. BB. CC. DE. Questions play hide and seek forgetting to be sought. Answers skipping about taunting me to catch them in there nasty game of tag. They are not as tricky as they think.

I grab one and shake it, pointing up. "That's where you belong!" I proclaim, "Up there!" No dust settling here. No dust is allowed to just settle. No piece is allowed to fall. Cannot, will not crumble. Answers frightened my soul is found.

They begin to drift away as the questions are reborn crying a baby joy set forth once again to ascend.

© April 2008
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E. L. Henry