Random Time Thoughts

Feelings and emotions veil my mind. Sitting, just being, where's my time?

Clocks and timers dashing by not knowing what minutes they take from me…Morning, coffee, music alarm; not yet, I've barely slept.

Sounds of love in the other room, her laughter, daughter, soothes the soul. Another day shines and I have to just the same. Let's go, hurry, we must be on time.

Ticking, tick tock… I'm here, settle down, read this, do that, bell's gonna ring, I sing… with thoughts of "what's next?", oh, go home! Am I alone? Serenity, where'd that moment go?

Eat, bathe, story, bed. Time stops, I turn, sweet voice saying "are you gonna sing me night night?" Good night Angelcakes, see you in the morning, sweet dreams, sleep tight.

Slowing down, there's that moment; Sitting, just being when the thoughts come to mind; embracing my time.

© December 2006
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E. L. Henry