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"A Witness To Sin" follows two estranged sisters who are not only fighting for the truth behind a life of lies, they ultimately must fight together to stay alive.

Liadin Patrick has a successful career as a psychologist and victim's advocate for the city of Denver, Colorado. Her marriage, the exact opposite. She struggles with thoughts of having children and her husband questions her loyalty as he and his art gallery are threatened by embezzlement charges. Liadin's unresolved feelings surrounding her father's murder won't subside and she decides to enlist the help of the next ADA and her best friend, Grant Cannon, to seek the truth.

Her sister, Belinda Chase, bribed to keep a deadly secret since she was fourteen, now battles mental illness with life threatening addictions. Ready to take a stand, she is suddenly faced with a divorce and a paternity test from her husband and must move into the family guest house secluded in the Black Forest. On the verge of a nervous breakdown the family is certain Belinda poses no threat, but they are wrong.

Belinda faces further insanity as the family threatens her existence and the lives of her children. Liadin now becomes the biggest target in her father's murder investigation while she watches her husband self-destruct. Not realizing their lives are the biggest cover ups of all, both sisters must form an unlikely alliance to save their family and each other, but will it be too late?


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